"If I see any tartar and/or gingivitis I tell the client to use the product daily until the gums and teeth look normal. Then they can go to the twice/week maintenance. I've actually had a couple patients with loose teeth that actually had strengthened roots after using the Plaque Attack for 30 to 60 days. Of course fractured teeth and tooth root abscesses need medical attention. I usually treat abscesses with homeopathy and immune boosters instead of antibiotics, but not all customers are going to be open to the Holistic Route , but it's nice to be able to offer it to them."
Susan Maier, D.V.M -
Horizon Veterinary Services - www.horizonvetserv.com

"The ingredients are 100% all natural. It comes in either a gel or spray form. All you need to do is your finger or a small toothbrush and apply it to the teeth, concentrating on the worst areas. If your pet doesn't like you brushing their teeth, you need only apply it in their mouth and their saliva will spread it around. Brushing is not necessary though it will accelerate results. This is great for people who don't have a whole lot of time but do want to take care of their pets teeth, and is a great alternative to the cost and risk of anesthesia."
Rebecca Griffith -
"Dear Customer Service, We wanted to let you know how happy we have been with Plaque Attack. Our dachshund, Annie, had horrible breath and very bad teeth. We were worried about the anesthesia she would need to have them cleaned at the vet. We have been using Plaque Attack for a little over a month and her teeth are 100 times better! Her bad breath has been gone since the first week. I am sending you some before and after pictures. Thank You!
Lenore Henry -
A Word From Exceptional Products:
Marketers of Plaque Attack
"At Exceptional Products, we strive to offer products that are not only a good value, but work as advertised. In order to formulate an opinion first hand before we offered the product for sale, I started my family's two poodles (9 and 8 years old and each weighing under four pounds each) on Plaque Attack. After informing the groomer that we were using Plaque Attack, he opened the mouth of the male (Willie) and proceeded to scrape the plaque off of his teeth with his finger nails! Fantastic! We never brushed his teeth to get these results- just one a night spray which we changed to the Gel version so I could try that. This is one major reason that we chose to market this product. We are confident that you will get a successful result if you only try. Like a person brushing their teeth daily, you notice if they skip. I learned that plaque forms immediately after cleaning and can mature in an average of 7 days!" "The other poodle, a female named Lexa, did not have the plaque removed by fingernail. We wanted to let the plaque drop off. When we gave Lexa a bone last week, the entire plaque on one tooth fell off! The picture below shows the clean tooth surrounded by the plaque-infested ones. I have faith now that the remaining teeth will be clean soon. Both of the poodles' breath have improved in addition to their teeth and gums looking better. With the small size of the pets, we were concerned about any effects on the animals. We have experienced nothing other than Willie sneezing at first."