It is hard to compare what HealthInEx Plus does with most cleaners and disinfectants: 
HealthInEx Plus does not clean like a detergent.  It is not labeled for use as a disinfectant.  However, neither detergents nor disinfectants are designed to leave a persistent barrier to inhibit things from coming back.

Put another way- if you have something that is clean, free from a mold or algae stain and you want to keep it that way you need to buy and use HealthInEx Plus. 
The invisible microbiostatic barrier inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria, bacteria which cause staining and discoloration, fungi (mold and mildew), and algae.  

If you have ever cleaned a shower and the grout had regrowth- you need this product.
If you have ever had clothing smell right after you started wearing it, you need this product. 
If your towels have smelled musty after one or two uses, you need this product.
The main difference between HealthInEx Plus and the competition is that they do separate things.  Most people are surprised that their disinfectant will not continue to work. If you want the odor causing bacteria to stop coming back, you need to inhibit their growth, not just kill what is there.

Read their label- if it does not say "Imparts Microbiostatic Properties" you need this product.